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Incaf Logistics provides you with a wide range of warehouse and rental options, from frozen and refrigerated warehouses to commercial and rental offices.

Frozen Warehouses

The company owns a total of 12 warehouses for frozen products, of which 8 warehouses with an area of 400 square meters / warehouse and 4 warehouses with an area of 200 square meters / warehouse. Of these, there are also spaces for intra-community exchanges.

Refrigerated Warehouses

Incaf Logistics Services SRL rents warehouses for storage of refrigerated products (meat, fish, fruits etc) at a controlled temperature ranging from zero to +8 - +10 degrees, with a total area of 4272 square meters.

Commercial Market

When renting a warehouse for frozen or refrigerated products, Incaf Logistics Services SRL can provide customers with a space for presentation and sale of stored goods.

Dry Storages

Rent dry storage (without refrigeration) in a total area of 4000 square meters.

Platforme Betonate Exterioare

Our company offers for rent free space of land with a total area of 58347 square meters.

Offices for Rent

The offices that we can provide you have areas ranging from 7 to 33 square meters.

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Space with a total usable area of 2,518 square meters, secured and independent

4 chambers with 416 sqm each room, of which a room is arranged for packing, sorting, picking, etc. The height of the rooms

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